Bone-chilling Episode: Halloween Comes to InnoGames TV!

October episode features Elvenar’s first “guest race”, ingame events and interviews

The countdown to Halloween has started at InnoGames today - with the release of InnoGames TV. This month, the October episode shows exclusive gameplay material and graphics from Elvenar’s first “guest race”: The Dwarves! The approximately 14 minute video also shows players the latest ingame events and company news.

The spooky episode starts off with Timon and Oliver from the Elvenar team explaining “The Dwarves”. They show players their buildings, resources and new technologies. Afterwards, Forge of Empires’ mad scientist and game designer Peer introduces the game’s newest Halloween Event. On their end, Camilo an artist from Tribal Wars 2 describes how a graphic concept becomes a final image and shows a new game screen. While Grepolis has a Halloween event on October 29, game designer Nils sums up their live QA session on Periscope and Twitch on this episode. Last but not least, The West announces their Fossils Day Event.

This month InnoGames TV also shares some behind the scenes footage from the Community Manager visit. Diana, the host of the show, presents some of the interviews she did with the community managers.

Through their monthly video podcast, InnoGames provides the community with the latest news about their games. While the host speaks English, six languages are available via subtitles on YouTube.


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