Forge of Empires’ sweetest fall event: Roll up your sleeves for the baking contest

Dust off your cookbook and roll up your sleeves for this year's fall event in Forge of Empires, which will start tomorrow. It’s time to test your baking skills and to complete new questlines which bring brand new rewards and unlock upgradable special buildings.

Yes, we know: baking isn’t everyone's strength, but what if you already have the recipe and get rewards in exchange for completing it? Exactly: Sounds tasty, right?! There are 15 different recipes available. Each recipe consists of one to three ingredients. Mix them up and create culinary masterpieces to collect points. Fill the entire table with delicious pastries to win an extra special grand prize.

A new upgradable building can be added to your city: The Mill of Fall, which produces Forge Points and goods among others. Do your best to reach the 7th level. As soon as you do, you will be able to choose which kind of windmill you want in your city. All three mills differ in their specific production: The Aqueous Mill, the Sunflower Mill or the Colorful Mill.

Fragments will be additional rewards during the event questlines for the first time. Collect those Fragments in order to extend your city by adding powerful buildings like the Shrine of Knowledge or the Wishing Well.

Thi, Team Lead Game Design and Kurt, Game Designer explain the Forge of Empires’ fall event in this video:

Forge of Empires’ fall event is available for aspiring bakers from September 12th at in browser and on mobile.


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