Gifts of the Heart: InnoGames Honors Valentine's Day with Events

With a few days to go until Valentine's Day, InnoGames preps players for the romantic celebration with three special ingame events. From today on, Forge of Empires, The West and Grepolis will begin their festivities with their own rewards and starting dates. The online game developer has also released two informational videos on this topic for Forge of Empires and The West.

Forge of Empires starts everything off with their alternative ending quest line, today. This year, the game features three new quest givers: Robin, the Sheriff and Marian. Through daily quests, participants of the game will be able to craft an epic love triangle based on the story of Robin Hood. In the end, players will be able to choose who Marian ends up with, Robin or the Sheriff. Furthermore, the game unveils the Eternal Tree of Love as a new building.

On their end, both The West and Grepolis follow through with events focused on prizes. Starting on February 13, The West fans can start getting hearts through regular ingame activities. There are two different reward schemes based on this currency: personal and community rewards. The first lets individuals unlock rewards through their collected hearts. While the second unlocks perks in a world, that every player can use, based on the amount of hearts everyone has accumulated. On the other hand, from February 14 on, Grepolis players will find a mermaid appearing in their town – and she has presents with her! All players have to do to claim them is click on her before she disappears.



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Diana Villegas

Inno Games

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