Here Comes the Sun: InnoGames Releases Sizzling June Episode

With temperatures finally rising, the online games developer InnoGames keeps it cool with the release of the June episode for InnoGames TV. The approximately 8 minute video features the Forge of Empires’ Soccer Cup, an update to Elvenar’s Ancient Wonders and Tribal Wars’ event Capture the Crests.

The June episode starts off with game designer Thi and Kai presenting the upcoming Forge of Empire’s Soccer Cup. Through a funny skit the duo explains this year’s event where players will be able to collect new buildings to create a stadium in their city. A total of four buildings are up for grabs along with new portraits and various rewards.

In addition, Game Designer Timon from the Elvenar team shows an update to Elvenar’s ancient wonders. Now players will have access to new Ancient Wonders earlier in the game. Last but not least, Lead Community Manager Timothy reveals Tribal Wars’ event Capture the Crests.

Through their monthly video podcast, InnoGames provides the community with the latest news about their games. While the host speaks English, nine languages are available via subtitles on YouTube.

Christopher Zurheiden


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