InnoGames Cleans Up your Inventory: The West Upgrade System Released

InnoGames’ western inspired game continues its wave of updates by encouraging players to optimize their inventory. Through their new Item Upgrade System, just released, The West lets its users create new items from ones they already own. The German games developer published a video featuring Game Designer Stephanie explaining the process.

This means duplicated items will have a useful edge that also frees up slots. The feature does this by forging three identical items into a single higher level one.  In addition, a new category in the inventory points out items that are ready for upgrade by highlighting them. One important thing to note is that this only works for set items not set bonuses.

The West is a role-playing browser game set in the Wild Frontier. More than 18 million registered players worldwide are placed on a hunt for adventure, gold and fortune. Cowboys and cowgirls partake in interesting and exciting stories, help settlers and collect bounties. The role-playing game also incorporates some strategy aspects, as players can join big fort battles.


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