InnoGames gamescom 2014 Line-Up Confirmed

Hall 4.2, D-53: Leading online cross-platform developers to show all of their top titles - Tribal Wars 2 and Rising Generals and Forge of Empires for iPhone

InnoGames, the makers of the some of the most globally successful cross-platform free to play titles will attend gamescom with their AAA line-up, including: Tribal Wars 2, the sequel to the massively multiplayer strategy game with over 52 million registered players, Rising Generals, the brand new real time strategy war game designed with the help of Bruce Shelley, Game Designer for Age of Empires and Civilization, and iOS versions of Forge of Empires - with over 14 million registered players one of the most successful browsergames of the past years. Additionally, InnoGames will host a 96-hour long game jam in the entertainment area.

Forge of Empires will be on show for the first time on iPhone. This will be a world exclusive on the platform and the first hands on only at gamescom. The real time strategy game came to iPad at the beginning of June sporting full cross-platform functionality. The optimized touch controls, visuals and direct play support allow for a true mobile gaming experience. The new addition of iPhone compatibility is part of InnoGames’ ongoing cross-platform strategy.

Currently in Closed Beta, Tribal Wars 2 will be shown at gamescom on Android and iOS with further information on cross-platform features and details on a planned open beta launch available. The original Tribal Wars amassed more than 52 million registered users and celebrated its tenth birthday last year. The sequel, will allow all players a significantly enhanced set of features, with a total of 17 buildings, 26 technologies and 13 units. Tribal Wars 2 will be released as cross-platform game for Android, iOS and all browsers.

First revealed in May, Rising Generals is the latest title by InnoGames. The PvP-heavy MMO has been developed as a native cross-platform game across iOS, Android and browser-based devices. To create Rising Generals, InnoGames was supported by game design legend Bruce Shelley, known for his work on Civilization and the Age of Empires series. The game boasts a completely new look for InnoGames and Product Manager Florian Supa will be available for interviews, demos and to reveal the company’s thinking behind the new design direction.

Lastly, InnoGames announced their 96-hour long game jam at the beginning of July. The event will take place during gamescom on the consumer floor with 12 participants developing 3 free to play games in that time and 250,000 people watching. Starting on Wednesday 13th from 2pm and ending with playable products revealed on Sunday 17th August. Taking place in Hall 10.1, C-15 the winning game will be revealed at 2pm on the booth. Four InnoGames employees and eight external developers will form the three competing teams. Visitors and media will be able to not only have a look at the development process throughout gamescom, but also to test the latest versions of the unfinished games. Interviews with InnoGames-developer and organizer of the game jam, Michael Indyk, as well as other participants will developers will be available in Hall 10.1 as well.


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