InnoGames hosts Global Game Jam: 30 computer games developed in 48 hours

InnoGames hosts Global Game Jam: 30 computer games developed in 48 hours

Last weekend, InnoGames once again hosted the annual Global Game Jam, continuing to serve as Germany's largest location. More than 130 game jammers from all over Germany and other European countries travelled to Germany's largest Game Jam. Programmers, graphic artists, game designers and sound designers put their heads together for 48 hours to give free rein to their concentrated creativity and create games under the motto "repair".

The InnoGames Jam series marked its 15th edition with the Global Game Jam 2020 and is considered an institution in the jammer scene. Many of the more than 130 participants are regular guests. Even though fun and creativity are the focus of the event, the 30 resulting games competed against each other to win the most votes on the official InnoGames Jam website. At the end of the Jam last Sunday, all teams had two minutes to present their video games on stage before voting began. The top three winners are as follows:

First place: Fix-It Frankenstein (Team: Frank & Gregor)

Second place: Mortar Mortar (Team: Geil>Nice)

Third place: A MetaSys Repair Console (Team: MetaSys Engineering)

The InnoGames Jam takes place at least twice a year and this time was part of the worldwide Global Game Jam. From January 31st to February 2nd, the event took place simultaneously in over 100 countries with tens of thousands of jammers from all over the world taking part. As usual, the Game Jam committee set a theme that the participants had to incorporate into their games. All games created in the context of the Global Game Jam can be viewed on the official website:

Upcoming InnoGames Jams are always announced on the official website and via social media on


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