InnoGames lets the soccer fever flow into Forge of Empires, Grepolis and The West

From this week on, InnoGames kicks off soccer and sports events in Forge of Empires, Grepolis and The West. New questlines and features have been implemented in dedicated events and are ready for all soccer fanatics.

Forge of Empires invites all players to the Soccer Cup 2018 event from June 14th – July 16th. Players coordinate their team to score as many goals as possible. With each goal scored, players will move up the league tables and win different awards. At the same time every shot on the pitch counts. The longer their shots are, the more chances players have of winning daily specials. At the end of the Soccer Cup event, the players will win different final prizes according to their league: Hobby, Amateur, Bronze, Silver and Gold League. During this competition, a dedicated questline rewards the overall progression of the player. Forge of Empires game designers Thi and Kurt introduce the Soccer Cup in this video:

From June 14th – July 15th Grepolis will host its Grepolympia Greek Cup. It is all about “Epsikyros”, an ancient Greek ball game. Players will compete as the Grepolympians against different ancient Greek teams in pursuit of grand prizes and rewards for the community. The current score of each of the four matches can be found in a dedicated tab, where every player will see the prizes for their victory against their opponents. By the end of each match, the names of the 15 best players and the sum of their scores will be revealed and victorious players and their teams will receive special rewards.

The ball also starts rolling in The West! The Soccer event runs from June 14th – July 15th. New items will be added in the game, as 250 “Blue Cards” which can be found through the map or a soccer ball which will lead to a new quest. What players can also expect is a questline based on the history of football with daily quests and rewards. 

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Senior PR Manager

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