InnoGames TV: New Episode Reveals a Part of Elvenar’s Future

InnoGames TV: New Episode Reveals a Part of Elvenar’s Future

Video features exclusive news for Elvenar and highlights upcoming events

InnoGames ends August with the release of the September episode of InnoGames TV today. This month the quirky video reveals exclusive news, including some future plans for the company’s latest game Elvenar. Players can find further information about coming events and footage from gamescom and the art exhibition “Trojan Horse was a Unicorn”.

The approximately 17 minute video starts off with Timon and Oliver from Elvenar revealing a part of the game’s future. For the first time ever, Elvenar talks about “guest races” an upcoming concept for the fantasy city builder. Afterwards, Tribal Wars 2 introduces their newest feature: Tribe Skills. Lead Community Manager David and Backend Developer Hilko explain the basics. This episode is filled with events: Tribal Wars and Grepolis show off Castle Assault and Spartan Assassins. Meanwhile, The West reveals their Indian Quest Contest winner and Forge of Empires clarifies their Hero’s Tale Event.

Through their monthly video podcast, InnoGames provides the community with the latest news about their games. While the host speaks English, six languages are available via subtitles on YouTube.

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