Luck of the Irish: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Forge of Empires

Luck of the Irish: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Forge of Empires

The time has come for the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Forge of Empires. With a neighboring town in need of help planning a celebration, players are tasked with organizing the best St. Patrick’s Day festival ever. The event runs from February 25th through March 17th.

With the support of Paddy McCharms, the festival’s guide, players will be shown around town and introduced to townsfolk who will help them in planning the festival. Pots of Gold can be earned by completing quests and incidents around one’s city. The Pots of Gold are used in the main event window to prepare for the celebrations. Goods can be produced in the town’s factories before being sent via ferry to the festival location. Once the ferry arrives at the festival location, the goods can be collected and players will earn Shamrocks. These Shamrocks can be used to upgrade the factories and ferry. Paddy will also show players how to hire a team to help manage the locations and automate the process.

More details about the event can be found in this video:

By hiring townsfolk to assist in the festival preparations, players will have time to focus on the other tasks in order to earn exciting prizes. Each completed task will result in progress towards the Grand Prize. Complete 25 tasks to earn the Grand Prize. This year’s main Grand Prize is the Celtic Farmstead. This quaint upgradable building has 10 levels. Once upgraded to the maximum level, it will provide an attack boost for players’ attacking army, goods for players and for their guild, as well as Forge Points and coins.

Players can share their progress with friends and neighbors by obtaining one of two themed portraits.

Forge of Empires is available for free on browser and mobile for Android and iOS devices.

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