Mughal Empire: The newest Cultural Settlement in Forge of Empires

Mughal Empire: The newest Cultural Settlement in Forge of Empires

The leading strategy game Forge of Empires released its fifth Cultural Settlement. These settlements add to the content available and allow for more playable cultures on the journey through history. This time, players visit the Mughal Empire to help Akbar the Great build a beautiful and flourishing city. Game Designers Aylin and her new colleague Yashar share more information about the cultural settlement in this video: 

To achieve Akbar’s goal, players will need Rupees. These are used to produce Cultural Goods, similar to the resources from previous settlements. Constructing residential and diplomacy buildings in their Settlements allows players to produce enough Rupees and completing the 20 quests allows them to claim the settlement reward. Researching the technology Higher Education (late Middle Ages) is necessary in order to unlock this Cultural Settlement.  

This time, there is no additional interactive building on the outskirts of the rising Mughal city and therefore no additional feature upon completion of the six Cultural Settlement quests – though reaching this milestone is still rewarded. Instead, the whole Mughal Settlement is the puzzle and the minigame to be solved. Two types of diplomacy buildings, two small and three large ones, have chain and set mechanics to increase the beauty and production of your outpost. Connecting all these buildings together is no easy task though. Players will need to decide which expansions are worth unlocking and which impediments should be removed, as they will also need to make room for residential and goods buildings. Impediments can be removed with pickaxes, which are found by completing the questline or purchasing them with diamonds. Players need to be careful as there are a limited number of pickaxes available. 

To show his gratitude, Akbar will grant players rewards for helping him build his city. These include Mughal’s Temple, a beautiful upgradable building with six levels, and the Minaret, an upgradable building with four levels. Fragments of the Minaret Selection Kit can be earned as rewards for finishing the settlement quickly. Upon reaching each buildings’ highest level, the building will produce coins, Forge Points, and random goods and supplies. 

There are four new exclusive Emissaries who will visit players’ main cities and sit in their Town Halls to grant special bonuses. They can be obtained as a reward for finishing two, five, seven and nine playthroughs in the new settlement. 

Cultural Settlements add to the in-game content and allow for more playable cultures on the journey through history. Now with five settlements available, players can explore further cultures in history even though the main game has moved beyond these periods. The Mughal Empire Cultural Settlement can be played on browser and in the Forge of Empires mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.  


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