Rise of Cultures Heads to The Sahara for New Mali Empire Event

Rise of Cultures Heads to The Sahara for New Mali Empire Event

Rise of Cultures, InnoGames’ latest popular city-building game, is inspired from the actual historic development of ancient cultures, and with the new Mali Empire Event it introduces a new and stunning civilization. Mansa Musa, the ninth Mansa of the Mali Empire, needs Rise of Cultures players to help him traverse the Sahara Desert and locate the best bazaars for trading. The event runs from 1st to 21st of August this year.

Players will need to accomplish the goals assigned by Mansa in order to progress through the desert. Gold Dinars, the special event currency, are awarded for completing these tasks, and occasionally players might be given Evolution Tokens, too. The players will move through the Sahara Desert from oasis to oasis, with each watering place offering interesting prizes.

When players have made their way to the 30th oasis, the grand prize is awarded: The Madrasa Evolution Token. These tokens are used to construct the most important reward of the Mali Empire Event: The Madrasa. This impressive educational institution gives Mystery Chests with Research Points, random Barracks Item Refills, and Culture Boosts. The Madrasa is an evolving building that can be upgraded all the way to level 40.

This month’s expedition across the desert also brings something new and exciting for the Rise of Cultures players. The Mali Empire Event continues to use the new “luck” mechanic that was introduced in the recent Mongol Event, but also brings new quest types, as well as new negotiation cost variations. As players progress through the questline, they will also receive the services of Queen Idia of Benin, a mercenary commander, who can be used in battle to bring a hail of arrows on opponents!

With over 120 quests to complete, plus the daily free currency quest, players have a lot to do, and another iconic leader to satisfy!

More information about the event can be seen in this video: https://innogam.es/MaliEmpireEvent.

Rise of Cultures is free to play and available for mobile devices on Android and iOS. 

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Rise of Cultures (www.innogames.com/games/rise-of-cultures/) is a city builder game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players build a city and lead it through history, starting in the Stone Age. In the process, they trade, discover and play different cultures, and hold their own on the battlefield. The management of resources is just as important as the strategic construction of their own cities. Regular updates and events constantly provide new game content and guarantee lasting fun.  

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