Rise of Cultures Travels to the 16th Century for New Thai Event

Rise of Cultures, InnoGames incredibly popular city building game, is based on the actual historic development of ancient civilizations, and this event introduces a queen who gave her life for her king whilst riding in battle on a war elephant. Suriyothai, the royal queen consort of King Maha Chakkraphat of Siam, needs Rise of Cultures players to help her as they travel through the beautiful land that we now know as Thailand. The event runs from 19th September to 10th October this year.

Players will need to accomplish the goals assigned by Suriyothai in order to progress. Flower Coins – the special event currency - are awarded for completing these tasks, and can be used to light lanterns which in return offer research points, Puzzle Pieces, Customizations, a Commander or Refill Items.

Lit lanterns provide a chance to win a Daily Special Prize. These range from Thai customization for buildings that can significantly improve production over a limited period, to the arrival of Queen Suriyothai herself as a temporary Mercenary Commander with extremely powerful healing abilities on the battlefield.

When players have lit 30 lanterns the Grand Prize is awarded: The Shrine of Reflection Evolution Token. These tokens are used to construct the most significant reward of the Thai event: The Shrine of Reflection. This unique building contains three Mystery Chests, containing food and a random Puzzle Piece, current era goods and previous era goods.

InnoGames are constantly innovating with their events, and this month’s 16th Century experience is no different. It uses the “Bad Luck Reduction” mechanic that levels the playing field of Daily Special Prize wins, guaranteeing that every player will eventually be able to claim a Daily Special Prize with brand new quests to complete players have a lot to do and another iconic monarch to meet!

More information about the event can be seen in this video: https://innogam.es/ThaiEvent2022

Rise of Cultures is free to play and available for mobile devices on Android and iOS.

About Rise of Cultures  
Rise of Cultures (www.innogames.com/games/rise-of-cultures/) is a city builder game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players build a city and lead it through history, starting in the Stone Age. In the process, they trade, discover and play different cultures, and hold their own on the battlefield. The management of resources is just as important as the strategic construction of their own cities. Regular updates and events constantly provide new game content and guarantee lasting fun.  

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Communications Specialist, InnoGames GmbH

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