Sail away to Forge Island this summer

InnoGames, Germany’s leading developer and publisher of online and mobile games, announces the start of the summer event in the global hit strategy game Forge of Empires. From August 17th through September 6th Forge Island welcomes players back to participate in its internationally renowned festival. 

Some familiar faces are ready to greet players upon arrival, including the local governor of Forge Island, who will give players access to the “Wheel of Fortune,” and local pirate Jane. To spin the wheel, players will need Doubloons, which can be earned by completing quests and tasks from the governor and Jane. Players can also receive Doubloons by completing incidents around their city and as a daily log-in bonus. One “spin” of the wheel costs one Doubloon and results in one prize, while “refresh and spin” calls up a whole new set of prizes for the neighborhood. Additionally, the wheel charts a course towards the Grand Prize. With each spin, players will receive a compass to help them navigate their way across the map. Make it to the other side where treasure in the form of another prize is waiting.   

All mechanics of the event are explained in the following video: 

Prizes consist of new summer items as well as buildings from previous events, including the Governor’s Villa and the Crow’s Nest. This year’s Grand Prize is the Pirate’s Hideout. A place of refuge for only the most worthy of pirates, it is said the world’s best treasure is traded here daily. The upgradable building provides coins, population, and happiness as well as an attack bonus for the players’ army, among other benefits. Chain decorations, including Shark Shallows, Captain’s Anchorage, and Fisherman’s Pier, can be added to the Pirate’s Hideout. When chained together, they provide a boost of happiness and a generous provision of goods, Forge Points, or a defensive boost for players’ armies. 

Players can share their progress with their friends and neighbors by winning one of two themed reward avatars. 

Forge of Empires is free to play and available for browser and mobile for Android and iOS devices. 


About Forge of Empires 
Since its release in 2012, Forge of Empires ( has been one of the world's most successful strategy games, with several million active players in over 30 markets. In Forge of Empires, players guide a village through the different epochs of human history - from the Stone Age to the distant future. Through skillful planning and tactics on the battlefield, they can expand their sphere of influence and create an impressive empire. Continuous content updates ensure several years of fun. You can switch between browser, iOS and Android devices at any time while playing. 
About InnoGames 
InnoGames is Germany’s leading developer and publisher of mobile and online games. The company based in Hamburg is best known for Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars. InnoGames’ complete portfolio encompasses seven live games and several mobile titles in production. Born as a hobby, InnoGames today has a team of 400 employees from more than 30 nations who share the passion of creating unique games that players across the globe enjoy for years. 

Carla Fuster Sampedro

PR Manager, InnoGames GmbH

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