Salary transparency: InnoGames publishes salary adjustments

Salary transparency: InnoGames publishes salary adjustments

On July 19, 2022, InnoGames GmbH became the first German games company to publish its salary bands. One day before Germany's "Equal Pay Day", the Hamburg-based game developer announces how the salaries have changed since then.

"Our salary bands have become an unofficial salary survey of the German games industry. We could hardly have wished for better. Even now, more than a year and a half after the first publication, we are still receiving unsolicited positive feedback, which almost always focuses on fair pay regardless of gender or negotiating skills. What is often forgotten: Salary bands also ensure fairness in times of crisis because they guarantee that new employees earn just as much as the current workforce", explained Michael Zillmer, co-founder and COO of InnoGames.

Christiane Gäb, Director People & Culture, added: "We put our salaries to the test at least once a year. Using externally acquired data, we check whether they still correspond to our positioning in the top third of the German labor market. If not, we raise them. If so, they remain unchanged. The last adjustment was made at the beginning of 2023, when there were increases of up to 37% within traditionally lower-paid career models such as Game Designer, Artist, Community Manager and QA Engineer. There have been no further adjustments since then, and we currently assume that the current crisis in the games industry will leave most market participants little scope for salary increases in 2024. Overall, we conclude that the market is returning to normal after the steep salary increases of recent years. We are on the way back from an employee market to an employer market".

InnoGames' salary bands cover around 80% of the workforce and provide information on the minimum and maximum earning potential at the various career levels of a total of nine career models. The models covered include developer, game designer and marketer. Due to cost/benefit considerations, a salary band is only created when at least six employees have the same career model. ​

A PDF with the nine salary bands in table format is attached to this press release.  The salaries shown are gross annual salaries for employees based in Germany. Salaries in other countries may differ. The transitional salaries shown in the salary bands apply to employees who have not quite reached the next career level, but are on the right track and doing an excellent job at the same time. The percentages reflect the changes in the salary bands since they were first published on July 19, 2022.

InnoGames' current salary bands can also be viewed at any time at the following link:

InnoGames' current vacancies - including salary details, if salary bands exist for them - can be found at the following link:
InnoGames Careers | InnoGames Careers and open positions

For more info on Germany's Equal Pay Day, please go to

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InnoGames is one of the leading German developers of mobile and browser games and a certified Great Place to Work®. The climate-neutral company based in Hamburg was founded in 2007 and is now part of Modern Times Group (MTG). Together with 350+ employees from over 40 nations, the company founders develop unique games that provide years of fun for millions of players around the world. InnoGames is best known for Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars, but the company is continually expanding its now 10-game portfolio across platforms and genres. The most recent additions were Rise of Cultures and Sunrise Village, which were launched in early 2022.  

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