Stamp card, filled – InnoGames opens offices to 10th successful Game Jam

Last weekend, serial jam host InnoGames celebrated the 10th edition of the InnoGames Game Jam, with over 150 participants from seven nations. Participants used the 48-hour sleep over to develop 25 unique, playable games on various platforms. As a nod to the clock change that took place over the weekend, the theme for this anniversary edition was “Cheating Time”. All developed games can be played on now.

The winner of the beloved developer competition was the talented ensemble, “TeamToast”, with the game “Tales of Toast and Time”. In this humorous point and click adventure, the players task is to help a young man on his quest to prepare breakfast for his loved one. The second place went to “Sushi Very” with their VR game “Hit ‘n’ Plot”. Team “Konservenfabrik” took home third with the project titled “MemeME”.

As always, InnoGames fueled jammers with food, energy drinks, showers and a sleeping area in the developer’s spacious downtown Hamburg headquarters – free of charge.

During Gamescom 2016, InnoGames held the largest game jam in trade show history with 180 jammers from 27 nations. In the category “Best mobile game” team “Digital Melody” won hands-down with the game titled “Masky”. The puzzle game was later released with major success in the App Store and Google Play .

The general rules for a game jam are simple: Every team has 48 hours to create a completely new game. Concerning the technical platform, there are few rules. The only requirement is that the software used is free and freely available.

The internal InnoGames Jams are the largest of its kind in Germany and all are invited to attend. Interested game enthusiasts can find more info at

Christopher Zurheiden


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