Sunrise Village celebrates the first Spring Jubilee

It’s egg hunting time in InnoGames’ exploration and farming simulation game Sunrise Village. Alongside the central storyline of solving mysteries and restoring the village to its former glory, players are invited to participate in a new event, where they grab their baskets and join the hunt for decorated eggs! The event runs from March 31st until the April 21st.

The Spring Jubilee has arrived in Sunrise Village. As the days are getting longer and warmer, the village welcomes the spring season with a celebration that involves decorating eggs and hiding them in the nearby forest. Throughout the event, players earn additional baskets by completing one out of 115 special event quests for villagers and use these to hunt for the hidden eggs. Moreover, players also get a few extra baskets by visiting their village every day.

Making this event unique is the grand prize. The Jubilee Falls will be available to be placed anywhere in the village from the beginning and by progressing through the event, players can earn upgrade kits to level it up multiple times, to increase its output. This Jubilee Falls will deliver productions up to 250 times, before turning into a permanent decoration. 

The event also offers the possibility to win special production buildings, like the Bird Bath, which produces water. There is also a Windmill that provides flour, a Cream Can to increase the cream output, a Cherry Tree for harvesting cherries, and fluffy Spring Bunnies, which will grant players with special chocolate eggs to fill up their energy. All these buildings will produce their resources every four hours and players can reap their benefits up to 20 times.

More information can be found in this video:

Sunrise Village is free-to-play and available for iOS and Android devices.

About Sunrise Village
Sunrise Village ( is an exploration and farming simulation game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players must solve the mystery of Sunrise Village by completing quests in the surrounding areas while restoring the town with the help of the friendly villagers. Explore, harvest and craft goods and other items needed to get energy to get closer to solving the mystery. Regular updates and events provide new content and continuous fun.

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