Sunrise Village: InnoGames launches a new exploration and simulation game for iOS and Android

Trade the bustling city for the peaceful countryside and a world of mystery with the release of InnoGames’ new exploration and farming simulation game Sunrise Village. Players travel to Sunrise Village at the request of their grandfather following some unusual happenings. There they are tasked with solving the local mysteries and restoring the village to its former glory with the support of the locals.

“With the launch of Sunrise Village, we’re not only introducing players to a new world, but also introducing a new genre into the mix for InnoGames. As an exploration and farming simulation game, Sunrise Village expands our portfolio and complements our existing titles,” explains InnoGames Chief Product Officer Christian Reshöft. “We’re looking forward to players experiencing this beautiful 3D world and progressing through the carefully crafted story-driven gameplay.”


It began with the appearance of a strange stone circle in Sunrise Village. Then came the mysterious fog and thorny vines that entangle nearby buildings. It all seems to lead back to an ancient tale about legendary crafters creating six magical crystals to harness elemental energy. After choosing their character, players are off to explore Sunrise Village, the Woodlands and other surrounding areas in search of these crystals. Navigate the world map and unlock new lands to progress in the search and learn more about the story of this village.

Meet friendly villagers along the way and help them rebuild their homes and workshops. Get to know them better to strengthen friendships and utilize their skills to produce goods – plywood, gravel and even sweets. Between adventures, players help their grandfather around the farm, taking care of animals and harvesting crops. These, along with many other resources, are needed to get energy, restore the farm, travel and solve the mystery of Sunrise Village.

Players from all over the world can create and join teams in order to connect with each other. Together, they can participate in weekly Team Explorations to discover new lands and earn additional rewards.

“We’re excited to welcome players to Sunrise Village and for them to experience all this magnificent, mysterious world has to offer. Community feedback has been extremely positive. I’d like to thank the community for their support as well as the game team for their hard work and dedication,” says Product Manager Alison Simpson. “Looking ahead, Sunrise Village will receive ongoing updates with new content, events and more, which we are just as eager to share with players.”

All the facts about Sunrise Village:

  • Exploration game
  • Mysteries
  • Farming simulation
  • Character customization
  • Collaborative multiplayer
  • Friendly villagers

Sunrise Village is free-to-play and available for iOS and Android devices.

Press Kit:

About Sunrise Village
Sunrise Village ( is an exploration and farming simulation game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players must solve the mystery of Sunrise Village by completing quests in the surrounding areas while restoring the town with the help of the friendly villagers. Explore, harvest and craft goods and other items needed to get energy to get closer to solving the mystery. Regular updates and events provide new content and continuous fun.

About InnoGames
InnoGames is Germany’s leading developer and publisher of mobile and online games, an award-winning employer, and a climate neutral company based in Hamburg. Best known for Forge of Empires, Elvenar and Tribal Wars, InnoGames’ complete portfolio encompasses nine live games and several mobile titles in production. Born as a hobby, InnoGames today has a team of 400 employees from 40+ nations who share the passion of creating unique games that players across the globe enjoy for years.

Kailyn Schmidt

PR Manager, InnoGames GmbH

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