The Abandoned Fairground Beckons in Forge of Empires Halloween Event

The Abandoned Fairground Beckons in Forge of Empires Halloween Event

Forge of Empires, InnoGames award winning strategic city building game, allows players to create cities that will grow from the stone age through to modern times. This month The Ringmaster has returned with his spooky traveling fairground and will be open for creepy business from the 27th October until 16th November 2022.

The scary Ringmaster has several quests for Players to complete in order to earn tickets. These tickets can be spent in the Tool Shop on devices that are vital for clearing the dense fog that fills the fairground. Candles, Flashlights, and Lanterns can be used to clear the paths, and, if Players are lucky enough to have got hold of some diamonds, Orbs can be purchased to preview the goodies that lurk in the insidious haze and give a heads up on the best direction to take.

Hiding in the miasma are Tools, Pumpkins, Light Bulbs, Toys, and Stickers. Pumpkins reward players with a random reward along with a chance to win the Daily Special Prize; The Daunting Tower.  This spine-chilling structure gives Players a 50% boost to the attack power of their attacking army for 24 hours on a single field. By completing the Calendar Rewards, players can also get the Haunted Tree, which provides 20 Forge Points for 5 collections.

The toys hiding in the murky mist trigger new mini-quests. Players can take these terrifying extra quests and will be rewarded with more tickets and a special collectible of the Toy Collection item at the end.

Stickers can be found every day and added to a calendar. If it gets filled the treats are plentiful, with Forge Points, Goods, a unique Avatar, a Selection Kit of the new Main Building, and a completely new Limited Building available!

The Tarot Card Caravans are this year's Main Building of the event. This Upgradable Building has 12 levels and brings players Happiness, Population, Coins, Goods of the previous age, Forge Points, and a boost of attack power. Bare in mind that this spooky building comes with a cost - it reduces the happiness in your city.

The Forbidden Fairground promises Players quite the ride. The Forge of Empires Halloween Event is the latest in a long line of beautifully designed Events taking place in this incredibly popular game.

More info about this brand-new event can be found in this video.

Forge of Empires is available for free on browser and mobile for Android and iOS devices.

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