The Celtic Event Begins in Rise of Cultures

Even the Celts – famous builders and craftsmen – need some help from time to time. Rise of Cultures players will lend a hand and assist quest giver Áedán in his forge as part of this year’s Celtic event. The event runs from today through April 3rd. 

Players will need to complete the quests assigned by Áedán in order to progress through the event. Triskele Tokens can be earned by completing these quests as well as through daily logins. The tokens can then be used to open the chests in the event window. Each chest contains various rewards. Additionally, the molten metal icon located next to each chest indicates the amount of molten metal will be added to the sword mold when that specific chest is opened. Once players open enough chests to fill the sword mold, they will be able to claim the grand prize: a Celtic Broch Evolution Token. The mold will then reset, allowing players to refill it and get additional grand prizes. The Celtic Broch Evolution Token can be used to construct the Celtic Broch, an Evolving Building with 40 upgradable levels that provides research points as well as an additional random production of either food, coins, or one of the barracks refill items.  

More information can be found in this video:

Daily Special Rewards are also available, including customizations which can be applied temporarily to players’ regular city buildings for a more Celtic look. These customizations will also increase the output of the buildings, adding an extra production or a boost. Collecting all the Celtic event customizations will give players an extra reward. 

Rise of Cultures is free to play and available for mobile devices on Android and iOS

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