The Fall Event Lands in Sunrise Village

The Fall Event Lands in Sunrise Village

Sunrise Village, InnoGames exciting family farming adventure game, is a colorful escape into a world of magic, fun and mystery. This new event introduces another interesting development for players; Grandpa is looking forward to the Great Autumn Race. He knows exactly what’s coming and won’t be tricked this time! Players must help Grandpa navigate a series of mazes in order to win the grand prize. The event runs from 15th September to 29th September.

The Fall Event is a test of Grandpa’s exploration skills. Players must make their way through thick fog to complete 20 quests, and all of this must be managed under the watchful eye of sneaky TV host Kay Jeno, who has bamboozled Grandpa into taking part in the hunt for an enormous squash. Players must make their way through numerous small stages to find a key, then a special locked room, and then a map in order to move on. A thorough exploration of the fog is recommended; additional prizes are hidden in the dense mist.

When players complete all of the goals the Grand Prize is awarded; The Giant Pumpkin. This reward can be placed in the players' village to receive an energy boost every four hours, and this boost can be collected 100 times. The mazes are littered with treasures too; Players should look out for scarecrows, market stalls, and vases that are filled with different resources, consumables, coins, and energy.

One of the most useful resources are pumpkin coins, which can be exchanged in the event shop for resources, tools, and new buildings. Players can also locate fragments for the new Product Stall – once completed the stall will then produce 15 energy every 4 hours and can be collected 50 times! It will also make an exclusive Autumn costume available.

More information about the Fall Event can be found in this video:

Sunrise Village is free-to-play and available for iOS and Android devices.

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Sunrise Village ( is an exploration and farming simulation game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players must solve the mystery of Sunrise Village by completing quests in the surrounding areas while restoring the town with the help of the friendly villagers. Explore, harvest and craft goods and other items needed to get energy to get closer to solving the mystery. Regular updates and events provide new content and continuous fun.

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