The Journey Continues – Forge of Empires Gets New Arctic Future

InnoGames just announced a new age in its popular city builder Forge of Empires: The Arctic Future. From today on, players around the world can unlock unique technologies, units and buildings in the snowy era. For the first time in Forge of Empires’ history, the new era is split into four parts – each having its own release date. These new content segments will be spaced to provide players with constant unique gameplay. InnoGames also released a video, featuring Forge of Empires’ game designers Thi and Kai discussing the recent additions. 

As soon as players unlock the Arctic Future, the construction site of a new building appears in the city: The Harbor to Arctic. Starting with the second content release, players will start their expeditions to the arctic from this building. From today on, players in the era will have access to three new troops and fourteen new buildings in the game. Players can also look forward to fighting on ice and snow themed battle maps.  


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