The Persian Event Begins in Rise of Cultures

The princess Irdabama is on a mission; she has been sent by the Shah to establish a productive trade route across Persia and she can’t do it alone. Rise of Cultures players will assist her royal highness by completing quests and bringing water jars (known as Ewers) to the trade caravan that travels across the land. The event runs from today through 22nd May. 

Players will need to accomplish the goals assigned by Irdabama in order to progress through the event. Tokens are awarded for completing these tasks, and these can then be used to open the chests in the event window. However there are new visuals to illustrate players progress towards the Grand Prize: a map of the ever lengthening trade route.  With each opened chest the player travels across the map whilst Irdabama explains how trade caravans were established in Ancient Persia and adds some wonderful historical context to her quest.

When players reach the far end of the map, the Grand Prize is awarded: The Persian Palace Evolution Token. The beautiful Persian Palace will provide culture boosts, mix chests, and the chance to receive Little Culture customization kits that can equip players with the Achaemenid Soldier – a statue that gives players’ ranged units a useful health boost. The Persian Palace can also be upgraded all the way to level 40, with levels one to ten seeing unique changes to the building’s architecture.

Players can add a Persian flavour to their lands during the event, with four new homes to build, a Tea Tent, four new types of farms, as well as statues, a tower and a mosaic pavilion. All of these new building customizations bring rewards with them, from culture and HP boosts, to food, attack and goods bonuses.  

With 124 quests to complete, plus the Free Currency Quest thrown in for good measure, players have a lot to achieve, and only 20 days to do it!

More information about Rise of Cultures’ Persian Event can be found in this video:

Rise of Cultures is free to play and available for mobile devices on Android and iOS

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Rise of Cultures ( is a city builder game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players build a city and lead it through history, starting in the Stone Age. In the process, they trade, discover and play different cultures, and hold their own on the battlefield. The management of resources is just as important as the strategic construction of their own cities. Regular updates and events constantly provide new game content and guarantee lasting fun.  

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