The Spookiest Event of the Year Comes to Sunrise Village

The Spookiest Event of the Year Comes to Sunrise Village

Sunrise Village, InnoGames exciting family farming adventure game, is a colourful escape into a world of magic, fun and mystery. This event sees the wisps in the nearby forest become bolder than usual, as the Halloween atmosphere lures them into the village to wreak mischievous havoc! Players must equip themselves to help the villagers catch and calm the troublesome sprites. The event runs from 13th October to 3rd November this year.  

The Halloween Event is a test of Players' wisp-catching skills! Villagers need help to keep the spooky sprites at bay while they try to prepare the village for the annual Halloween festivities. Players are rewarded with nets for completing quests, and these can be used to catch the pesky paranormal pests. 
The Haunted Wisp House is the Grand Prize of the event. This exciting building is the perfect place for the Wisps to chill out in. It can be upgraded to 20 levels and will produce an increasing amount of resources as it is progressed through the levels, finishing with ten different types of rewards when it reaches the maximum upgrade. 
With 138 unique quests to complete, The Halloween Event is the latest in a long line of fun and creatively designed Events taking place in Sunrise Village to make things more interesting with evolving quests, new puzzles arise throughout the event. During this event you can also get other unique rewards like the Halloween character outfit and “spooky” limited production buildings like the Black Cat in the Pumpkin.

More information about the Halloween Event can be found in this video:

Sunrise Village is free-to-play and available for iOS and Android devices.

About Sunrise Village
Sunrise Village ( is an exploration and farming simulation game for smartphones and tablets and is free-to-play on iOS and Android devices. Players must solve the mystery of Sunrise Village by completing quests in the surrounding areas while restoring the town with the help of the friendly villagers. Explore, harvest and craft goods and other items needed to get energy to get closer to solving the mystery. Regular updates and events provide new content and continuous fun.

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