The Twilight Phoenix Rises in Elvenar During An Exciting Easter Event

Beginning in April a new pet can be obtained in Elvenar: the Twilight Phoenix. It arrives in dramatic circumstances, bursting from an Obsidian Egg buried deep in tunnels beneath the newly discovered Amuni Village. The rise of the Twilight Phoenix marks the sixth annual Phoenix event, bringing new designs and more magical additions to the world of Elvenar. The event runs from April 5th to April 26th.

The gigantic Twilight Phoenix erupts from the excavations, tearing across the land and soaring in flames towards the nearest city. It is thought to have an eerie connection to the dead; but players will have to complete the event to discover whether it is an omen of doom, or a prophet of change. By completing quests in the event, players will get Sky Essence, which can be used in the event window to open chests. For every opened chest, players will receive rewards and also Phoenix Feathers, bringing them closer to the next Grand Prize of the Event.

The sixth Phoenix to arrive in Elvenar can be upgraded with Twilight Phoenix Artifacts, which can be obtained among the Grand Prizes of the event. It can be fed with pet food from the Magic Academy, or from winning Royal or Grand Prizes across the event. The new Phoenix bird building brings a percentage of healing to units after battles, providing a similar effect as the Vitality Surge Instant. The duration of healing is limited, however, so players will need to use these powers and spend pet food strategically when playing Tournaments or The Spire.

The event runs until 26th April and includes some exciting prizes alongside the Twilight Phoenix. Ludibria Ventis is an expiring building with Ancient Wonder Effect that increases unit production. The Royal Prize introduces The Tome of Great Wonders, that allows players to select a rune shard from each of two Ancient Wonders within their last two chapters. For a Grand Prize players can also win a rune shard, whilst newer city builders can collect Broken Shards, Knowledge Points and Ancient Wonder Knowledge Points. 

More information about the Dawn of the Phoenix Event can be found in this video:

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