The Winter is Here! – InnoGames TV Releases December Episode

With winter around the corner, the December episode of InnoGames TV is a fun way to escape the holiday season frenzy. This month, 10-minute video features the winter events of Forge of Empires and Elvenar and provides information on the latest developments of InnoGames classics like Tribal WarsGrepolis and Tribal Wars 2

Timon and Rike start the show off with a new event in Elvenar. For the first time, Elvenar players can look forward to a winter event with many great gifts. At the beginning of the event on December 5, the game will introduce snowflakes as a new resource. The game will randomly distribute them all over the city but players can also collect them by completing quests. They can also exchange them for special gifts. The gifts hide one prize, either one of more than 20 new buildings or a new reward. 

In addition, this episode takes viewers to Forge of Empires’ winter wonderland. Starting today, Frosty is back with a series of exciting tasks that lead to great rewards. On their end, Tribal Wars 2 will launch a special Advent Calendar in the official forum where players can receive great prizes every day until December 24. The episode also covers Grepolis and focuses on the new heroes in the game. Finally, Tribal Wars’ Community Manager Andreas presents the new event "Battle of the Tower". In this multiplayer event, players are divided into groups and must conquer sectors. Rewards will be given to groups depending on how successful they are. 

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