Tribal Wars Charges Into September with Castle Assault

Event features new buffs and rewards players for playing together

Today InnoGames’ classic strategy MMO, Tribal Wars, starts the month off with the launch of their new event - Castle Assault. For two weeks, players will join forces with one purpose: to defeat castles for rewards. InnoGames also released a video with the game’s Lead Community Manager Thomas explaining the event’s mechanics.

Castle Assault is energy- and cooldown-driven, with players attempting to crack as many castles as possible. Each defeated structure will give players medals which they can use in the event shop. Participants can gain more medals through their ranking and can use them to buy different buffs. All items acquired during Castle Assault will remain in the player’s inventory for future use. To attack, players will need to use their mercenaries in three different categories: assaults, naval supply and bombardment.

Tribal Wars places the player as leader of a small village, striving for power and glory. In order to build a strong empire and conquer other villages, one must unite with powerful allies and found a mighty tribe. Its vast game worlds and varied tactical opportunities make Tribal Wars one of the most popular browser-based games in the world, with over 52 million registered users playing it in almost 30 languages.


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Diana Villegas

Inno Games

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